Server Infrastructure

Do you have code to deploy?

Are you building an app and wondering how to set it up to run on the Internet fast and securely?

Are you doing “server stuff” you don’t really understand and just wish someone who knows what they’re doing did it for you?

Is your team tired of dealing with server problems because they’d rather just code?

Do you already have an OK server setup but are looking to improve the performance of your app, your database, or you just want something better?

We have been working with these problems for years.


Whether you’re into micro services, majestic monoliths, or you’re not sure you know which one of those applies to your situation, we can set you up with the server infrastructure that fits your project best, and manage it for you.

We work with major cloud providers as well as our own dedicated servers which we can customize to fit your exact needs.


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Some of what you can expect from us


Zero Bullshit

Ever sat in a meeting with someone who tried to sell you something, yet understood nothing of what they were talking about? We have too. And it sucks. Here's the thing about successful projects: They involve telling it like it is. That's something you can expect from us. We'll talk when we can provide answers and won't hesitate to defer to yours or someone else's expertise when it's in your best interest. How else can we expect to trust each other?

Peace of Mind Engineering

This is our tagline, and it's not by accident. If we take care of something for you, we make sure you never have to worry about it. This is the primary reason you should seek to work with us.

Constant Availability

Working with us means having access to us. Something breaks in production? We'll be there now, not later, 24/7 and we will work our to get everything back online, fast. Outside of emergencies, there are things you might need to wait for, but if you are being blocked by something we take care of for you, you can expect to be able to reach us anytime during normal working hours, and for us to come up with a fix quickly.

Customized Infrastructure Expertise

We don't just set up infrastructure for your project, we make it sing songs written just for you. Our technical stacks routinely include a customized Linux distribution compiled from source and tuned exactly for your needs and your hardware. We also run ZFS for improved durability of your data and patch our Linux kernels with grsecurity to help protect against software vulnerabilities. While we sometimes work with major cloud providers, we also have the capacity to set you up on dedicated hardware managed by us, ordered with specifications matching the needs of your project precisely.

No Vendor Lock-in

We take pride in preserving your ability to move away from our services if you ever need to. Unless there's a specific reason not to, we build upon open source components. This means that if one day you outgrow our capacity to help you or just want to take over what we've made, you can, resting assured that the tools we set up will keep working, without having to fear about platform ownership or losing features of the solution we built for you.

Open Source Contributions

We reserve a part of our revenues to help finance the open source projects we use the most and find the most valuable. If you work with us, you will help us grow the revenue we contribute, as well as invest in the longevity of your own stack and in some a way, of the Internet as a whole.


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