We are always looking to work with new faces! :)

Do you do:

  • SysAdmin?
  • DevOps?
  • Dev in node, golang or ruby?

Then we most definitely want to talk to you.

We work as a remote consultancy, meaning that if you were to work with us, we would likely hire you as a consultant to help on the projects we’re involved in, and to help make our client companies better at what they do. One of the core values we give our clients is “focus on what you’re good at, we’ll take care of the rest”.

What our clients are usually good at ranges from business (e.g. they have an idea they want to bring to market, but need help on the tech side), to coding (like app businesses with good coding skills but that could use a hand with infrastructure, ops, continuous integration+delivery, performance, and high availability deployments).

That means we’re looking for people who either:

  • are comfortable working on the backend side of things and have a thorough understanding of the backend stack, all the way down to network and operating system if possible.
  • know what it takes to help a team perform better, through outfitting developers with better tooling, building systems that get out of their way, and high availability deployments that just work.
  • can identify bottlenecks, single points of failure and general problems in distributed systems so they can advise or assist developers in improving the performance and availability of their applications.

We work remotely the overwhelming majority of the time, having so far helped projects in France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the US, so there’s no barrier to you living and working from anywhere at all. We’ll be looking at what you can do, how you do it, but very seldom when and never where. We also do not care about your gender, race or religion and feel sad we even have to mention it.

If you’d like to get in touch about our opportunities, please do not send us a CV first. Write to us instead. We want to hear the story of you, what you’re looking for, what you’re into, what you’re hoping to achieve and how you think you can help us and our clients grow. We work with people, and CVs are notoriously terrible at telling us who you are and what you can do. Help us know you! Both as a person and as a professional. We’ll return the favour.


Get in touch !